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The only thing easy about hanging wallpaper is how easy it is to get wrong. Unsightly creases, bubbles, and misaligned patterns rear their ugly heads when wallpaper isn’t properly installed. So if you’re looking for a Chester Springs, PA paperhanging company, you should make sure their paperhanging services are more than adequate. That’s where Michael O’Sheehan comes in.

Michael O’Sheehan has over 49 years of paperhanging services experience in the Chester Springs area. If your priority is to transform the interior of your home, adding a much-needed touch of elegance and sophistication to your home’s walls, Michael O’Sheehan is the Chester Springs area paperhanging services provider for you.

Paperhanging Services in Chester Springs, PA
Chester Springs, PA Wallpaper Installation Company

Chester Springs, PA Paperhanging Company

Chester Springs, PA is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The Chester Springs area spans six townships including West Pikeland Township, Charlestown Township, and West Vincent Township, which was the home of Graceanna Lewis, a famous naturalist, suffragist, and activist. Chester Springs, PA, like so many of its neighboring communities, is rich with history. It is home to the Chester Springs Historic District, which contains a number of historic buildings. Another historically significant area in Chester Springs, PA is The Historic Yellow Springs Village, which was established in the eighteenth century and contains The Mill at Anselma which is considered to be the best-preserved grain mill of its kind in America.

The Mill at Anselma boasts beautifully crafted and wonderfully effective wooden gearing and millstones. As time moves forward, so too do civilization, technologies, and processes. But some things are still done the old ways. Good Paperhanging is done by hand by experts. For properly hung wallpaper in Chester Springs, PA, finding an expert paperhanging company is imperative. For expert paperhanging services, Michael O’Sheehan is here for you. With 49 years of paperhanging expertise, he’s a paperhanger you can trust for your Chester Springs, PA paperhanging services.

Wallpaper Replacement for Kitchens & Bathrooms in Chester Springs Homes

Underneath kitchen wallpaper, there may be mold or water damage. To make matters worse, if the material is vinyl, it can very difficult to remove. Luckily, Michael O’Sheehan has a wealth of experience with removing these older types of wallpaper and even repairing drywall surfaces to get your kitchen ready for a brand new look.

Bathrooms, as with kitchens, can also contain high moisture levels, which can cause older wallpaper to become warped. This can potentially lead to water damage on the wall beneath, which can lower the value of your Chester Springs home. Before installing new wallpaper or applying a new coat of paint, Michael O’Sheehan will safely remove this old wallpaper from your bathroom and even perform minor drywall surface repairs.

Wallpaper Installation Services in Chester Springs, PA

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